Our Mission

We support Rutgers sustainability initiatives, projects and policies

Get Involved

Our programs strive for excellence in community service, civic and volunteer opportunities

Our Mission

The University Committee for Sustainability was established in 2005 to engage the University Community and to advise senior administration on a wide array of sustainability issues. It has been charged with:

  • Recommending appropriate policies for sustainability
  • Assisting with identifying suitable projects for sustainable initiatives
  • Assisting with completing a sustainability audit of the university
  • Recommending appropriate goals
  • Assisting with preparing an annual report on our achievements

Take the Pledge!

We can all make a difference. Working together, our efforts and support for university initiatives, Rutgers will be a more sustainable University.

  • This pledge identifies small changes that make a big impact to support sustainability.
  • Some ideas you may already practice and some may be new. Share with your friends!

Sustainability at Rutgers

Rutgers University supports sustainability in many areas and is always seeking to expand support of these initatives.

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Landscaping
  • Water Refill Stations
  • Food Waste Minimization
  • Biodiversity

Students in the Sustainability Practicum and Environment in Society and Mass Media  classes have developed a Sustainability Map to help you track sustainability at Rutgers.

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