Campus and Community Engagement Information Hub Service Representative Student Coordinator (Graduate Student)


The Campus and Community Engagement Information Hub Service Representative Student Coordinator (OUCP) serves as a professional level frontline representative for OUCP’s Campus and Community Engagement Information unit. In addition to fulfilling the duties of the respective entities, the student coordinator brings a strucured and comprehensive knowledge that best facilitates the departments’ ideals. The OUCP student coordinator leads his/her team in an ordered atmosphere, which encompasses student growth in the workplace as well as within the Rutgers University-Newark community.




  • Serves as a liaison between student employees and OUCP administrative staff.
  • Assists with coordinating regularly scheduled meetings for Student Team/Project Leaders.
  • Participates in structuring and enforcing related departmental policies and procedures.
  • Assists with conducting monthly staff meetings in addressing concerns of the unit.
  • Manages the daily operation and supervises all Campus and Community Engagement INformation staff by giving them various tasks within their job description.
  • Oversees online community engagement portal entry process for RU-N student, faculty, and staff members.
  • Assists with analyzing and interpreting community engagement data (quantitative and qualitative) toward developing periodic and annual reports for the Campus and Community Engagement Information Hub.
  • Serves on special departmental committees as assigned (e.g., public relations, protection of minors)
  • Oversees assessment of student employee skills and performance evaulation.
  • Other duties as assigned.




The Campus Information Service Representative Student Coordinator is under the direct supervision of the OUCP Associate Director.

Special Note: Required to wear OUCP T-shirts at all times.

WORK STUDY HOURLY WAGE (starting): $11.00-15.00/hour